What is a Realtor and Why Should You Use One?

This is Episode 1 of the K2 Real Estate Channel. This episode touches upon explaining what a Realtor & Real Estate Agent are and the benefits to using one (or 2)!

A viewer question is also answered at the close of the episode.

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0:45 - What a Realtor is by definition

1:20 - Continuing Ed courses to keep license active

2:02 - Marketing with a Realtor & MLS

3:30 - About brokerages

5:15 - Benefits of having a Realtor on Buying Side (FREE!)

6:20 - Benefits of having a Realtor on Selling Side

8:15 - Viewer Question Answered: "We are thinking of selling our home FSBO, if a buyer comes with an agent, do we still have to pay the typical % commission to the buyer's Realtor?"


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