A very common question many people ask is: What is a Realtor??

A Realtor is a licensed professional who took mandatory courses in order to qualify to take the National and State Real Estate exams. From there, they were required to purchase Insurances and be accepted by a Brokerage to conduct their business under. Each brokerage has their own set of rules and regulations that each Realtor must abide by. In addition, in New Mexico, Realtors must take a minimum of 30 hours every 3 years of continuing education courses to ensure they are up to date with the latest laws, forms and practices in the industry.

A Realtor is bound by a Code of Ethics to act in their customer's best interest at ALL TIMES. This means we have a fiduciary duty to make sure we are representing YOU in the best way possible.

Realtors in New Mexico, are primarily called Transaction Brokers rather than Agents, because we cannot make decisions for you or decide in your place. We can guide you and give you professional advice and opinions, but we can never assume or make a decision FOR you.

A good Realtor is with you EVERY step of the way and strives to ensure you understand every piece of the Real Estate transaction puzzle. We are here to ensure that you are protected and represented at all times in your sale or purchase.

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