The Buying Process 101

How long does the Home Buying Process take?

Depending on what type of loan you are getting (if you are getting one), the Seller's moving situation (are they purchasing and going through the same process as you?), your moving situation, etc. it can vary from as little as 2 weeks to 60 days on average.

What's my order of events?

1. Start your search online and figure out the area you want to be in.

2. Find a Realtor (referrals are always the best)

3. Get in touch with a Lender to find out your Buying Power (your Realtor can help you with this)

4. Get in the car and go home shopping with your Realtor!

5. Put in an offer with the help and guidance of your Realtor - we are FREE for you after all *some brokerages charge transaction fees, but they are minimal costs*

6. Deliver your Earnest Money - this is your "skin" in the game and the amount will vary depending on purchase price. Think of this as a deposit towards your closing amount due. It will go towards it ;)

7. Order Inspections! Almost 100% of the time you will want a Full Home Inspection. Then, depending on your area, others may pertain as well - ask your Realtor ;)

8. Negotiate repairs that you want the seller to complete.



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